Mood Swings
Everyone experiences a range of emotions throughout the day or week.  There are some individuals who feel emotions very strongly and these individuals tend to be creative, empathetic and passionate.  At times, however,  it can be hard to control emotions and behaviors when individuals feel them so intensely.  Individuals can experience severe mood swings from happy to sad, act without thinking everything through, have difficulties keeping relationships or experience extreme patterns of thinking, feeling or acting.  These individuals can also struggle with loneliness, hopelessness or emptiness.  At times these individuals can resort to self injurious behavior such as cutting when experiencing intense emotions.  There are effective tools and therapies that can be used to help learn to experience a range of emotions without necessarily acting on these emotions.  These therapies can help you or your loved one learn to cope with extreme emotions in a healthy way, navigate relationships successfully and create a life worth living.

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